We created Rent-a-Romper as a way to help parents and the planet.

About Us

We are here because we are like you. 

Founder, Lauren Gregor, was busy raising two boys and balancing all that life throws our way.  She knew there was a better way to keep up with our children as they grow - that considered both convenience for parents and could reduce the burden on our planet.  

We believe that parenting is one of our hardest and most rewarding challenges.  We are here to support you in this journey.  To be a part of your village. 

We know that kids grow fast. Really, really fast. 

And we know that our children's clothing often has a lot of life left after they outgrow.  Together, as a community, we can make your life a bit easier and extend the life of these clothes so that we can make sure we are helping our planet be there for our children's future. 

Are you ready to join our village?