Holiday Musings

This time of year is always stressful.  I love Thanksgiving. I enjoy the time off and spending time with people you love and enjoy.  This year was great. We spent four days on a cattle ranch in the hills with a very slow internet connection and many hours around the table laughing, playing cards and sharing stories.  We explored and climbed hills. We wore pajamas until 11. I even finished a book.

But it seems, the very next day it became the holiday season.  Emails, radio ads, a constant countdown to Christmas. Buy this.  Buy that. You can only save TODAY... But maybe also tomorrow... And the next 20 days until Christmas.  

This time of year is a strong reminder of why I started Rent-a-Romper.  Having kids, I see this consumption even more. Fast tracked, because they grow so quickly - new development stages mean new clothes, new toys, new books.   

Not all of these are bad.  For example, my kids are infinitely curious and the gift of a new shark encyclopedia from their uncle ensured they will forever outsmart me with their knowledge of various sharks’ prey of choice.  It also exposes them to science and discussions of marine biology and careers working with animals. (Not to mention read independently without me asking)

So not all bad.  But I thought there might be a better way. I read the quote “One Day or Day One” at some point on an instagram meme (of course) and it really hit me.  Am I going to do something about this now, or just keep hoping one day it changes. 

So I’ve started.  Investing in clothes for kids that outgrow them so quickly.  Clothes that can be shared between families and extended for their full life.  Clothes that can be reused and mixed and matched, so that we can all do more with less. 

I am not the perfect picture of sustainability.  I am trying to do small things that become habits and change my behavior.  It’s tough to see the daunting statistics and try to change everything all at once.     

To me, Rent-a-Romper is a big step for me to support all those parents like me that need to provide for their children, but don’t want to compromise our planet to do it. 

It’s about modeling to my own kids (and those who grow up with our clothes) that we see a problem in the world and are doing something about it.  That we have conversations at an early age about valuing and caring for our possessions. That we set an example of building a community that believes in taking care of our planet and of each other. 

I now keep this reminder “One Day or Day One’ above my desk.  It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by the news and data about our planet, but it’s important to start somewhere.  For me, this holiday season I am going to keep that in mind. A couple of things I am planning to do this holiday is hand-make some gifts (you’re welcome Mom) and shop locally (this also helps if you are a procrastinator and can’t wait for shipping).

Good luck this season.  And remember - nobody's perfect.  No matter what they tell Santa. 

If you want to be a part of changing the way we use clothing for children, subscribe or gift to a friend through our website.   

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