Frequently Asked Questions

1. What comes in a capsule?

Our Just the Essential Capsules come with 7 items for your baby or child. A typical capsule includes 3 onesies or body suits, 2 pairs of pants or leggings, 1 dress/skirt/shorts, and one pair of pjs. Complete Capsules contain 15 essential items for your baby or child. A typical capsule includes 5 onesie bodysuits, 3 pants, 2 shirts, 2 shorts, and 3 pajamas. This can be customized a bit based on your preferences and weather.

2. Can I customize my capsule?

When you subscribe, you will be able to list style or brand preferences you have.  This helps us to understand your needs.  A few examples might be, "I need extra pajamas with feet because he gets cold at night" or "No yellow clothes, we love green and blue."  We will do our best to accommodate your needs and put together the best capsule for you.

3. What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe for your baby or toddler is a curated collection of the essential everyday items of clothing, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.  Our capsules vary with your child, location and preferences, but typically include short or long sleeved onesies, pants/shorts/dress/skirts, t-shirts, pajamas, and one or two seasonal pieces. Our goal is to provide you with the core wardrobe your child needs. 

4. How can I sign up and how will it work?

First, select the size of capsule you want: Complete - 15 items for $39 or Just-the-Essentials - 7 items for $24 per month).  Then choose the style of capsule you want to receive (boys, girls, unisex). You can also leave notes on your style preferences. We will prepare and deliver your capsule wardrobe. When your child is ready for the next size, schedule a delivery date for your new capsule. When the capsule arrives, just put the old clothes into the box and return them to us. Once you subscribe you can keep your clothes as long as you like or exchange them as often as you need.  We know kids (out)grow fast!

5. Do you have gift certificates?

Yes. Rent-a-Romper is a great gift for new parents. Provide your family or friend with the gift of a subscription and they will have the clothes they need as their baby grows. You can purchase a gift certificate here.

6. Can I add Rent-a-Romper to my baby registry?

Yes. If you have a Babylist registry, you can add a subscription as an item. With the 'Add to Babylist' button in your bookmarks, you can drag a gift card subscription to your button and add it to your registry. This is a great way to ensure you have the clothes you need when your baby arrives.

7. How does Rent-a-Romper ensure the clothes are clean?

When clothes are returned to us, we inspect each item to look for staining and to see if any items need to be retired. Once we have inspected all of the clothing is cleaned using organic laundry detergent appropriate for sensitive skin. Last, we steam the clothing to sanitize and prepare for another family.