How It Works

1) Choose your capsule

The Essentials Capsule comes with 7 items, while the Complete comes with 15. Select your desired size, and choose from our boys, girls or unisex option. We allow you to add detail about your style preferences to help us put together the best capsule for you.

2) Select your subscription option.

You can decide to subscribe monthly at $34 or pay annually with 10% discount at $365.

3) Enjoy your capsule

We deliver your capsule to your home. Enjoy it as long as you need. Don't worry about messes (we get it). If you need items replaced, please return them in the pre-paid shipping envelope included in your capsule and we will exchange them.

4) Book your next capsule

When your child is ready for the next size, let us know.  You can schedule your next capsule delivery and provide any sizing specifications.

5) We ship your next capsule

We will prepare and ship your next capsule as your child grows. Enjoy!

6) Return the used items

Once you receive your new capsule, take the new clothes out and put the old ones in the box.  Return all of the items to us with the pre-paid shipping label. We take care of the rest!