Join us for Closet Cleanout

Do you have baby or children's clothing taking up space in your home?  Join us to clean out your closets.  We will help you package up your clothes and will pay for shipping to Rent-a-Romper, giving your clothes a new life and giving you space back in your home.


What items can I send to you?

We will accept all baby or toddler clothing up to age 7.  We are not able to accept socks, shoes or hats at this time

How should I package the clothes?

If you have your own box or shipping package that you want to reuse, that is great.  We will send you a shipping label that you can use.  If you need a bag to send the clothes, we can send a pre-labeled soft pack bag you can use for your clothing.  Just fill out the form and let us know what works best for you. 

What will you do with the clothes?

All of the items received will be reviewed for quality and condition.  Those that can will be included in our shared closet and live a new life for as long as we can.  Did you know that extending the life of an item of clothing for 9 months can reduce the carbon, waste and water footprint of that item by 30%?  Rent-a-Romper is also working to partner with local organizations during this challenging time to ensure families in need have access to clothing.